Summer Scented Candles

Connie Carbary

1. Blue Water

- Designed to evoke the smells of a day at the beach with it's ocean water scent. We love this candle for it's layered scent of "beach", "salty air", and even "sunblock". One customer said it reminded them of late summer nights by the shore. 

2. Pink Grapefruit

- This Pink Grapefruit candle combines the clean, energizing citrus aroma of a tropical grapefuit with a hint of tangerine. I highly recommend this candle if you like lime, grapefruit, or other citrus scents. It works well by itself or paired with other citrus scents. We found this candle to be exceptional for a kitchen or bathroom for a nice fresh scent. 

3. Tea Party

- Tea Party candle have an energizing fragrance with a stimulating blend of crisp, cool aromatic bouquet and a variety of uplifting notes that include herbal green tea with faint back notes of clean, fresh citrus. These candles are great for anywhere in the house. If you like fresh, green tea, or citrus scents, this candle is for you.