Mermaid Lodge

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$ 16.00

We have it on a good authority that this is the real smell of all mermaid’s paradise lodging. This scent transports you to the land of mermaids on a tropical vacation with blends of Passion fruit, coconut, and pineapple. You will be transported to a magical beach with a cold Pina Colada in your hand, while searching the turquoise waters for Mermaid Lodges and maybe even a few mermen.

These decorative candles are strong but not overpowering when burned one or two at a time. One candles can change the mood of the entire room as the scent waves spreads throughout. The teal color adds a splash of the tropics to your décor while creating a warm, happy island mermaid vibe.

These candles come in votive sets or in individual glass jars. The votive sized candles are larger than tea light candles and make a gentle glow.

We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal, so for this reason you may send your candles back within 30 days for a 100% money back guarantee with no hassles. We would be happy to exchange your candles for something you love. Call us at +1 (501) 353-1937 or email us. We have many fragrances and we want to be your candle supplier.