Going Coastal Scented Candles in Sea Foam Green

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$ 16.00

Going Coastal is the scent of the sea foam and the ocean breeze gently swaying by on a sunny day. The aroma of salty air flowing through the air will transport you to a coastal mood on a warm day with just a couple of candles and there are no sandy toes. These decorative candles are strong but not overpowering when burned one or two at a time. One of the Going Coastal Candles One candle can change the mood of an entire room. The white coloring goes with any décor and creates a relaxing ambience. These candles come in votive sets or in individual glass jars. The votive sized candles are larger than tea light candles and make a gentle glow.

Candles can create a mood, and set the stage for any event, such as a wedding. They can make a room feel comfortable and cozy. They make the perfect gift for a housewarming, hostess, and adult birthday or for any holiday. These candles come in many variations, 24 votives and 10 votives. They also come in sets of 3.3 oz jars and in 8 oz, 11 oz , 12 oz and 16 oz jars. Designer glass and straight clear glass both in 7.5 oz give any home a glow. The mini sets such as votives and the 3.3 oz have enough in a box to keep some and give some as a gift. Candles are an easy last-minute gift and make an easy party favor.

We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal. For this reason, you may send your candles back within 30 days for a 100% money back guarantee, OR we would be happy to exchange your candles for something you love. Call us at +1 (501) 353-1937 or email us at connie@enlightenedambience.com. We have many fragrances and we want to be your candle supplier.