Jack O' Lantern Scented Candles

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$ 16.00


Jack O. Lantern is an old family friend. When he comes into town there is a distinct fragrance of freshly cut pumpkin in the air. His farm fresh scent is extraordinary and clean. He lets us all know that fall is on its way. This fragrance brings you back to our childhood fun memories of going with your family to the local pumpkin patch and picking a large pumpkin to carve fun faces of our friend Jack. These candles are ready to create new fun memories.

These decorative candles are strong but not overpowering when burned one or two at a time. One of the Jack-O-Lantern Candles can change the mood of the entire room as the scent spreads throughout. The orange coloring makes for perfect fall décor and creates a cozy and warm ambience. These candles come in votive sets or in individual glass jars. The votive sized candles are larger than tea light candles and make a gentle glow.

We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal. For this reason, you may send your candles back within 30 days for a 100% money back guarantee, OR we would be happy to exchange your candles for something you love. Call us at +1 (501) 353-1937 or email us at connie@enlightenedambience.com. We have many fragrances and we want to be your candle supplier.